December New Product Introduction

Wacom launched the Cintiq 12wx on Monday December 3. The LCD monitor tablet (product size= 16" w x 10.5" H x.67 D) has a display area of 10.3" W x 6.4" H and WXGA resolution of 1280 x800. I have been working with the product for several months and it was great to see it go up on our web site and various new product web sites.

On October 19 I completed WHQL submission 1267844 after having taken an engineering sample to the Vista Logofest held at Microsoft in early October and retesting an upgraded PVT sample the following week. I tested the Cintiq 12wx with the DTM (WLC 1.0c) and QFE0304. The device was tested as an LCD Monitor and a digitizer so that meant tests for both categories were conducted on Vista x86, Vista x64 and Windows XP x86 and XP x64. Winqual notified me of the passing results on October 23. The digitally signed cat files that accompany the color profile and inf were downloaded in a cab file and checked into source control for a build of the final driver CD MED-A323 completed on October 26. Copies were tested and sent for mass production in Asia and product began arriving to the warehouse prior to Thanksgiving. The December 3 announcement makes the launch a timely event for the 2007 Christmas shopping season. Having attended a few Siggraph conferences and heard many requests for a Cintiq offering under  a $1,000.00 here it is!

See a demo on Youtube at


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