Snowflakes falling in Portland and Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest

Snowflakes falling in Portland this weekend gave a holiday feeling to my shopping trip like a scene from Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest or looking out from inside a snowglobe. But whether you are in Portland or Pinebough the message of Mr. Finnegan is that” Santa’s presents simply remind us of a much greater gift, a gift inside ourselves." Check it out at The book by Dan Farr and Dick Van Dyke was published in 2005 and produced with using DAZ Studio and featuring 3-D screen captures from the forth coming DVD. I had the pleasure of meeting Dick Van Dyke at Siggraph –LA a few months before the book was launched and was inspired to write the poem that was posted on

Ode to Dick Van Dyke by Jim Mockford 2005

Poppin’ around at Siggraph
Animation trade showplace
Tellin’ jokes and stories always
The happy smile across your face
Cheery countenance and outlook
Youthful grace and honest grin 
No need for introductions
That’s Dick Van Dyke from ear to chin!

Crowded fans around the tablet
Watch cartoon ink that’s drawn with flair.
Soundtrack echoes chuckling viewers
Slapstick memories replayed to share
Tech creativity is awesome
But timeless humor is a treat
Thanks for hanging out at Wacom Technology
Illustrating life, that’s sweet!


Dick Van Dyke and Jim Mockford


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