The Beginning Is Near

It was great fun to see old friends from Columbia Dance – Eowyn Barrett and Brent Luebbert – dancing with Lane Hunter and Bodyvox alumni in Lane Hunter’s "The Beginning is Near" on December 1 at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland.

Lane’s choreography in "Dear Mr. Rorschach" is staged with a multimedia piece that looks like it could have been made with a Wacom tablet by an artist that paints inkblots on a stage-wide canvas. I liked his integration of visual art with dance in several imaginative works presented. After the show Eowyn told me about filming in my old neighborhood near McMenamin’s Kennedy School.

A review by Catherine Thomas in a special to the Oregonian on Oregon Live covers it well

And keep checking for their new works too. Meanwhile, back in Vancouver, WA our friends at Columbia Dance are about to launch the 2007 Nutcracker ( and we plan to see many old friends again at the performance held at the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics.


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