Christmas Ships and JASO After Hours

It is December 11 and the Christmas ships are sailing up the Willamette. The view from the 21st Floor offices of Lane Powell Attorneys  is great and the firm has hosted an “JASO After Hours” party for the Japan-America Society of Oregon. Dennis Calazza Jazz Trio played merry music (sponsored by Group Mackenzie, Inspec Group, and Portland Roasting) and yet even though it must be chilly out on the river I wouldn’t mind being out in the clear cold parade of ships looking back at the lights of Portland. The occasion brings back memories of Uncle Stu and his appearances as Santa at the Portland Yacht Club for a number of years. When Stu passed away at the age of 90 in 2004 Amy Martinez Starke of the Oregonian remembered him as a “Sailor for All Seasons.”

Jim and Uncle Stu out on “Owyhee” some years back.

And, McMenamins just published a story in their newsletter that was based on an interview with Stu a few years ago. Look on pages 11-12 and 13 if you download it from their web site


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