Red Sox for Christmas

Boston Red Sox pitcher Hideki Okajima was in the news today having been chosen by the MLB This Year in Baseball’s "Top Setup Man for 2007." He made history in Game 2 of the World Series this year when he became the first Japanese pitcher to play in the American World Series. It was even better that he preserved the win for the Red Sox by pitching four striked outs to complete 2 1/3 perfect innings in the game started by Curt Shilling.  A left hander with a new surprise pitch in his arsenal, the splitter-change ball, that he had never shown in Japan worked great this year. I still have a pair of new Red Sox red socks that I picked up during a trip to Boston last year and forgot to give away as a Christmas present. I think I will stuff them into my own stocking this year and wear them on Christmas to celebrate the season.

After the Siggraph 06 Conference in Boston was over I went down to Cape Cod and arrived at Woods Hole just in time for the film festival. As I was looking at movie showings on a sign board outside the ticket office someone stepped out and said, "You ought to see Spaceman, its a great movie." I replied,  "Who are you, the producer or someone?" And, as it turned out he said "As a matter of fact I am." It was Brett Rapkin who along with Josh Dixon produced the film, "Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey" a story about Bill "The Spaceman" Lee, famous early 1980s left handed pitcher for the Red Sox. I got the last ticket into the screening of the film at the Woods Hole Film Festival and enjoyed every minute of the documentary. I also learned a lot about Cuba and the film follows Bill Lee’s baseball adventure there and tells a lot about the country beyond the politics we hear about in the news.

Check it out on the web at


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