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I am back to the blog after a long winter and spring blog break. Actually, I stopped blogging in January when my mother’s battle with cancer turned for the worse. She had been fighting it for several months after it returned with a vengeance in October, 2007. What had started out as breast cancer a few years ago and successfully treated for a time then returned and at the age of 81 it was difficult for her to continue her fight. She had several operations and radiation treatment but finally she found that she could not beat it any more. In February she elected in-house hospice care from Providence and she passed away peacefully on Valentines Day. Her memorial service was attended by several hundred friends and family and was a tremendous tribute to her life. We had about 40 family members attend the burial service at Willamette National Cemetery.

Only a week after the service I had to go to Japan on business and upon my return it took the rest of the month to catch up on things. Now it is already April and I am finally beginning to think about blogging again. It was so easy to turn off the digital world during the past few months that I don’t think I am so attached to it anymore when there are more important things in life to attend to .. like spending time with family when they really need you. Email was a necessary and efficient way to send updates to family across the miles but I didn’t feel like blog-documenting the daily downs and ups of a family struggling with cancer. I think mom wanted privacy during this time and I am glad that we as a family respected her wishes. Now that she is gone I will no doubt blog some memories of how she shaped my life for the better. We will miss her. Thanks Mom.

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