Home after three weeks on the road

Taiwan was warm and humid so it was a bit of a shock to return to Portland last week after about three weeks on the road. I was too busy to blog in Taiwan but following my arrival there from Japan on May 15 I ventured down to Tainan on Sunday May 16. The famous old Mazu Temple and old Fort Zeelandia site at Anping were my primary objectives. The Dutch had settled here in the 1600s and it was a stopover port for ships sailing from Batavia to Nagasaki. Then the pirate Koxinga attacked and forced their departure. So the place has pirate history, Dutch East India Company connections, and Mazu was worshipped as a sea goddess adding more attraction for maritime historians. The canals in Tainan are well maintained with walking courses along the side and the Anping Harbor Historical Area provides views of bridges, fisherman casting nets, and signage describing points of interest. Street vendors in Anping push rice crackers and other free samples and the lively atmosphere was created by activity and a concert on the grounds of the Fort Anping Square.

I visited Wacom’s Hsinchu offices on Monday and Tuesday and presented Microsoft WinQual Training for the QA department to complete a project I began last December on my first trip to Hsinchu. We also visited Microsoft’s Taipei office and were tipped off to have a bite at a “Windows 7 Cafe” in Taipei that some local entrrepreneuer launched without asking Microsoft. Good Chinese Food there! The High Speed Train makes a commute from Taipei to Hsinchu easy and I had taken the train daily in December when I stayed in Taipei. This time the new Sheraton Hotel at Hsinchu had just opened so it was more convenient to stay close to Wacom’s office at Hsinchu. It is also not too far to a good restaurant area in Jhubei City.

Jet lag has set in now that I am home and this blog completes the overview of travels taken from the end of April to the end of May 2010 with stories from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Not too sure when I will have time to blog again but there are dozens of photos to organize and upload to Facebook etc. so it may be awhile before I get back to this.


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