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After travels, catching up at home, a brief trip to Hood Canal, and getting back to the job I found time to read Ric O’Barry’s blog at

The release of the movie The Cove has been a big deal since it won an Oscar earlier this year, drew attention to the dolphin/whale kilings (and captures) in Japan and was met with protests by right-wing Japanese groups at theaters preparing to show the film in Japan in June. So I wrote on the Facebook Link for The Cove on Ric’s travelogue from Japan, Day 3: Tribute to a good man; screening at Wakayama University. See!/TheCove

“Great Blog about the tribute to a Wakayama man. And for those who visit Wakayama it is mostly a great place. In addition to many great people and scenic vistas of the coast (apart from that cove) there are many mountains, hiking trails, waterfalls, natural treasures (in addition to dolphins) and a small museum on Oshima Island to the beginning of US-Japan connections, the arrival of the first American Flag Vessel to visit Japan, Lady Washington in 1791. Not a whaling ship, it arrived from China as a trading ships and after 11 days at anchor between Oshima Island and Kushimoto it sailed having left little impact other than a message written in Chinese from Captain Kendrick over 60 years before Commodore Perry’s arrival that “opened” Japan to the outside world. A little known history of Wakayama that connects our two countries for two hundred years before The Cove “opened” in Japan.”

More to come


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