Lan Su Chinese Garden

Preparing for a visit to Wacom China Corp. #2 (Chinese culture in the USA)
Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden is a great place to see a bit of China in the USA. It is said to be the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China and the Teahouse is a rejuvenating place where you can sample many varieties including black, white, green, black, herbal, oolong and one of my favorites, “pu-er” tea. I visit the garden to see the seasons changing colors and for special events. The garden is modeled after Suzhou’s famous gardens because Portland and Suzhou are sister cities. Wacom recently opened an office at Kunshan near Suzhou so I am looking forward to my visit to Kunshan later this month. Lan Su Chinese Garden just celebrated its 10th Anniversary and many enjoyable activities are described on its web site.


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