“Dog Days” of summer

The “Dog Days” of summer are passing by leaving a bit of sunburn here and there and the feeling that the barbeque has been put through a full season of sending off savorings. The ancients in the west observed the rising of “the Dog Star” Sirius and in China it was named the “celestial wolf” ( 天狼 ) or “Tiānláng” and in Japanese pronunciation “Tenrō.” What I remember about being in Japan many years ago during the hot August “dog days” are the evenings of village festivals and Bon Odori dances. The humidity and heat are overcome by festival fun and fireworks that send expressions in lightquakes back to the heavens. But in 2011 there is of course something new to the Japanese summer scene in the form of a Japanese manga and anime television program called Dog Days (ドッグデイズ Doggu Deizu). I have not seen it yet. It can wait until the Dog Days and warm summer nights are over. But from the looks of the half human-animal characters it might be good to revisit Doggu Deizu before Halloween.


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