Preparing for trip to Kenya

Cheryl left for Kenya last weekend with two violins that were donated by friends. One was the late Roy Thorp’s violin from Marlis and the other violin was donated by Diana Poisson at Precision Tune in Vancouver. Roy was a long time friend who was killed in a head on traffic accident in 2011. Cheryl had played fiddle with Roy and bluegrass friends at the Ridgefield Bluegrass and Bird Fest several times. We put up a Youtube video of Roy playing guitar at the 2010 Ridgefield jam and he is on the right of mandolin and vocalist Lanny Seagraves.

Roy also played fiddle and now one of his violins will be given to the youth orchestra in Nairobi. Cheryl also took a cello that will also be given to the children’s orchestra program there. I wish I could have gone with her last week as her “sherpa” to carry all the stuff but I am going next week with a suitcase full of music stands and Duduza dolls thanks to Maya Jones of Vancouver, WA and Portland area knitting guild members who make these comfort dolls to give to orphans. See more about a Duduza doll project that is similar called the Nyanya Project. See

(Contact Portland’s yarn store Twisted that a resource and drop spot for knitters who want to contribute their efforts to go with the next person headed for Africa.

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