Cheryl visits Kijabe Hospital in March 2012

Kijabe Hospital Waiting Room Concert by Cindy, Joann, and Cheryl

Cheryl passes out baby hats to children at Kijabe Hospital

Kijabe Hospital Adminstrator receives baby hats

After arriving in Nairobi for her third visit to Kenya in March 2012 Cheryl and another violin teacher Cindy Angel were taken by Leroy and Joann to visit Kijabe Hospital. Kijabe is located about 50 kilometers northwest of Nairobi on the edge of the Great Rift Valley. The Maasai word Kijabe means “Place of the Wind.”  They played for patients and visited the children’s ward where they passed out knitted baby hats. For more information about the Kijabe Hospital  see their web site and a web site for the Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association that tells more about what the challenges of health care are across Kenya and definitely watch the film, “Life Before Death”

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