Cheryl’s 2009 trip to Kenya

When Cheryl returned home from her 2009 trip to Kenya she was interviewed by Northwest Music Jamboree (NMJ) for their April 2009 newsletter. NMJ is distributed to bluegrass jam members in the Portland and Gresham, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area. NMJ reported Cheryl’s students were eight violin students of the 18 kids at music camp including 13 violins, 1 cello, 1 flute, 1 trombone, and 2 trumpets. In addition to selections from essential strings books, hymnals, and other music books NMJ reported to its readers that Cheryl spent an afternoon with her violin students teaching fiddle and they played, “Oh Susannah”, “Simple Gifts”, and even “Cripple Creek” in the key of  “A” while the cellist joined them in the key of “D.”  If you are not familiar with the song “Cripple Creek” there is a nice example on Youtube at

Before music camp Cheryl and five of the students went on a tour north of Nairobi to Rift Valley and Eldama Ravine passing the Equator.

Cheryl and music students at the Equator in Kenya 2009


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