Kenya – China Relations

See People's Daily Online for story about National Day for Kenya at 2010 Shanghai World Expo

In 2010 I spent six weeks in China working at Wacom’s offices in Beijing and Shanghai and visiting the Great Wall and other amazing places around the country. In many ways China is more than just a country and it is easier to describe it as a continent with provinces as big as countries and many diverse peoples, cultures, and languages. We met Africans in China and African countries had exhibits at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. I arrived in October so I missed the National Pavilion Day of Kenya that was held in September with colorful presentation by Kenyan musicians, dancers, and artists. But just walking by the Kenya pavilion got me interested in the current relationship between China and Kenya.

Here is my list of Kenya-China connections so far…(plus some additional Portland,and Oregon and Japan connections just for fun!)

1. Chinese Navigator Zheng Ho and his Ming Dynasty Chinese maritime explorations brought a fleet of junks off the coast of Kenya before the arrival of Europeans. Anthropologists have recent discoveries to add to that story today.

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