Africa. . . at last


On April 5 I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya after flying for nearly 20 hours from Portland, Oregon via Amsterdam with layover making the entire trip at least a day long. No matter, I was greeted at the airport by Cheryl, Leroy Judd, and George as driver from Mayfield Guest House at Ngong Road. After a deep sleep and breakfast at Mayfield we departed on April 6 for Acacia Camp at Swara Plains near Mt. Lukenya where our photo safari began almost immediately after leaving the Nairobi – Mombasa highway and entering the camp gate. “Twiga” (Giraffe) were everywhere and after checking into the quaint but comfortable thatched roof cabin that would be our home for safari Cheryl and I walked out to see just where we could find another Twiga. It wasn’t long before all kinds of photo ops appeared looking back at me as if to record my image in their memory.

Giraffe were not the only animals we saw at Swara Plains. Gazelle, Hartebeeste, Ostrich, Warthog, Wildebeeste, and other familar and not so familiar animals and birds were in abundance as our safari continued by Land Rover in the bush (Bush barging as the call it).






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  1. Amazing adventures, photos and all around blog! Keep up the prolific writing..

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