We stopped at Matsushima on our return from Ishinomaki. The islands of the coast of Miyagi Prefecture are regarded as one of Japan’s “Top Three Views” (日本三景) or Nihon Sankei with the other two being Amanohashidate, a pine covered sand bar at Miyazu City in Kyoto Prefecture and Itsukushima Shrine at Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture. We walked across the long bridge to Fukuura Island (福浦島) and took photos from several wondeful vantage points along the way. The numerous islands in the Matsushima group helped protect the coast from the worst of the tsunami and although there was some damage in this area last year it was not as severe as farther north in Ishinomaki where the tsunami traveled up rivers and over dikes or berms where the reclaimed lowlands were heavily flooded. Matsushima a year after the tsunami is almost like it always has been and still a very beautiful place to visit.

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