CONTEXT: The European Education Magazine

In the 1990s I published two short articles in “Context: The European Education Magazine.”

Context Number 15 1996 looked at the Internet in the schools and my brief article, “USA-Japan: Experiences on the Internet” described how my students at Camas High School in Washington State developed a home page about class activities, school exchanges with Japan, and student essays about Japanese culture. Camas WWashougal Post Record Newspaper also reported that the Japanese Language Class web site was discovered in cyberspace by a 1977 Camas Alumni living in in Tokyo who was surprised that high school students from his alma mater were studying Japanese and on learning about Japan on the internet. Today the internet is ubiquitous but in 1996 it was still unusual for high schools to offer a combination of Japanese studies and internet learning so Context found the Camas High School program of interest to its audience of secondary educators in Europe.

It was a great time to initiate the use of the internet as a learning tool for Japan related studies and coincidentally Yahoo Japan went live the same week as our Japanese Language Class Web site.

My conversation with European educators continued and evolved into another article, “It’s Not in the Sushi” What European and American teachers of Japanese may have in common” published in Context 20. Since then I transitioned from language teaching to a career in consumer electronics and software development but my conversations about Japan still involve language, culture, and history.


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