Belgrade’s Skadarlija Neighborhood and Skadarska Street

Belgrade is an old city with many interesting streets and neighborhoods and a bohemian quarter called the Skadarlija is one of most interesting to visit in the evening when minstrels play at every outdoor cafe and kafana on Skadarska Street. We ate at one of the best known restaurants called Tri šešira (“Three Hats”) and enjoyed the Serbian dinner and atmostphere with two different bands including an “old town” music band and a Tamburica band that plays from 8 pm to 1 am. Our walk after dinner of the street and music along the way was captured on camera that I posted on Youtube at .


Tri šešira Restaurant was foundedin 1864 and the owner Deda Jevrem (Old Jevrem) planned to build an inn on the site of old hat factory when he found three hats in the building he decided to name the restaurant Tri šešira.  Yugoslavia’s longtime President Josep Tito dined at the restaurant as did many distinquished and diverse foreign visitotrs including Alfred Hitchcock, George H.W. Bush, Jimi Hendrix, and the fabulous Fritz family with their friends the Mockfords.

Three Hats Restaurant Fritz's Mockford's


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