Cave and Castle – Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

On Saturday April 27 we visited relatives in Dolenja and then took a scenic country drive to Postojna when the fantastic Postojna Cave is one of Slovenia’s biggest tourism attactions and the second longest cave after Migovec Cave in northern Slovenia. Its 20,570 meter long cave system is known access by electric train for 5.3 km of guided multi-language cave tours that make it the longest publicly accessible depth of any cave in  thew world. We viewed the stalagmite and stalagtite formations and  saw an aquarium where the caves strange endemic cave salamander, a blind amphibian called the Olm, is on display while others hide in the dark lightless watery corners of the depths of the cave.

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After our tour of Postojna Cave we returned to sun light and the warmer temperatures above ground and visited the amazing Predjama Castle about 10k away and built in Gothic style in a cave-like rocky cliff in ancient times and best known for its 15th century owner the robber barron Erazen Lueger who had fled from the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III after killing a Hapsburg Army Officer. Erazen with.stood the attacking forces who surrounded Predjama castle for over a year thanks to a secret tunnel that allowed him to bring fresh food and supplies to the castle from the village of Vipava including fresh cherries that were thrown from the castle to taunt the Hapsburg attackers. Unfortunately for Erazen one of his servants had been bribed to put out a signal flag when his master had gone to the outhouse which was a visible structure from the valley floor and located at the edge of the castle’s top floor. At the important moment when the signal flag was set to indicate that Erazen had taken seat in the outhouse  the sharpshooting artillery launched a cannon ball that directly hit and killed Erazen bringing an end to the siege of Postojna Castle.  Today the castle is restored to the age of Erazen with properly attired figures from that period seated in the major rooms of the castle and an empty outhouse restored on the rocky perch where Erazen was caught with his pants down.



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