Old Fortress City of Kotor

Arriving at the Old City of Kotor on May 3 we entered the Sea Gate and checked into the Hotel Astoria http://kotor.astoriamontenegro.com/ and then we explored the old city visting the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Tryphon and the Serbian Orthdox Church of St. Nicholas were preparations were underway for Orthodox Easter to be held May 5. We enjoyed walking the city at night with the lights on the fortress above and looked forward to climbing the fortress on the hill the next day.

Kotor  wall at night Kotor Sea Gate at night Kotor wall and church at night

On Saturday morning Cody and I visited the Museum Maritinum which has an interesting collection of ship models, paintings, and artifacts including the story of Captain Ivo Visin who circumnavigated the world on the ship Splendido in the 1850s (see http://www.museummaritimum.com/eng/eng.htm ). Then we began the climb of the hillside fortress wall of Kotor catching up to Cheryl who had a head start while we were at the Maritime Museum.

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That was quite a hike but well worth it and the views are fantastic. After a short rest on our return we set out by car for the town of Perast where we planned to set out by boat for an afternoon visit to Our Lady of the Rocks island church.


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