Stained Glass Windows at Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church, Fairview Oregon

On September 15, 2013 we visited Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church, Fairview Oregon to attend the Sunday service and see the newly installed Stained Glass Memorial South Sanctuary Windows. We also stayed following the service to hear a talk by Stained Glass Artist David Schlicker who created the stained glass windows on both the north wall and south wall of the church.

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David Schlicker studied at University of Oregon and began creating stained glass in 1968 eventually opening his own studio over thirty five years ago. About 30 years ago Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church approached him with the idea of creating a series of stained glass windows for its north wall a complicated and extensive project that David completed 20 years ago. The story of the stained glass windows has been a favorite for church members since and in recent years the church began planning for a series of stained glass windows to be installed on the south side of the church. They returned to David Schlicker to create the new south wall stained glass windows in a project that would be a memorial to church members lost loved ones. Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church was my mother’s church and is my sister’s church as well as her in-laws family so thanks to the efforts of many church members including my sister Linda Ferris and our father’s contributions to the project the names of 50 lost loved ones are remembered in the memorial windows including my mother Marie Mockford (1927-2008) and my daughter Laura Mockford (1984-1999) as well as Linda’s father-in-law, Walter Ferris, and her niece Allison Ferris are remembered by the church in this project completed in 2013.  The beautiful windows now make a magical memory of local history and God’s word from selected images that represent local history and stories from the Bible. The church program today showed photos of the stained glass windows and a quote from Psalm 126:3 “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.”

David Schlicker explains glass of harp

David Schlicker explains stain glass window 2

David Schlicker river of life

David Schlicker tree of life

David with design drawings

SMPC Program Sept 15 2013 001For information about Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church see the church web site at


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