Paepae o He`eia traditional Hawaiian Fishpond

After the MAHHI 2013 Conference we took a Field Trip to Paepae o He`eia traditional Hawaiian Fishpond. The web site describes the He’eia Fishpond, a walled (kuapā) style fishpond enclosing 88 acres of brackish water that was originally built about 600-800 years ago and is built on the fringing reef that extends into Kāne`ohe Bay. This kuapā is possibly the longest in Hawaii and is about 1.3 miles (7,000 feet) long forming a complete circle around the pond. This is unique as most other fishpond walls are either straight lines or half circles connecting one point of shoreline to another. We joined a group of volunteers who are removing the invasive species of Mangrove trees that have grown in part of the kuapa.

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