Faversham Nautical Festival 2015

A beautiful day was 5 July when I visited the Faversham Nautical Festival with my cousin Sarah who lives in the old town of Faversham, Kent. Cheryl and I arrived in England a few days earlier and we stayed in Canterbury for four days before returning to London so it was just a short train ride of about 10 miles from Canterbury to visit Faversham for the first time and see this lovely town and colorful waterfront with sailboats moored at the Town Quay. The festival brought out boats from all around and bands playing while crowds walked across the bridge and along both sides of Faversham Creek to view the festive scene.

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I had a look inside the TS Hazard, a building built in 1475 as a town warehouse and used to supply the ship that Faversham sent to fight the Spanish Armada and now bears the name of that ship. Today the building is the home of the TS Hazard Faversham Sea Cadets. The town is known for its beer from Shepherd Neame Brewery founded in 1698 http://www.shepherdneame.co.uk/ that I enjoyed with view of Faversham Creek from the Albion Taverna Pub https://www.facebook.com/albiontaverna?fref=ts . The FAVERSHAM CREEK TRUST provides a great web site with photos of the festival and information about Thames Sailing Barges, dingy races, and heritage preservation efforts. See the Swing The Bridge Fund and other projects at http://favershamcreektrust.com/


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