Welsh Haiku Readings at Kenilworth Park, Portland Oregon

The Welsh Society of Oregon held a picnic at Kenilworth Park in Portland, Oregon on September 10, 2016 calling the program “Haiku for Welsh People.” I created a few poems to read at the picnic that were inspired by my trip to Wales earlier in the summer.

“Welsh Haiku” by Jim Mockford


Stone Stairs to the Keep

A Red Dragon flies above

The Castell Caerdydd


River Taff boating

Across Bay to Mermaid Quay

Where horizons sing



Venison Meat Pie!

Pieminister I must be

Oh, grateful gorging


Picau Y Ar Maen

Currents and Castor Sugar

Welsh Cakes and jam split


Bara brith sweet bread

Flavorful tea, fruit, and spice

And candied peel too!


Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

Stadiums and streets in song

Welsh Football Season!

(Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau = “Old Land of My Fathers”)


Great Land of Singers

Gwlad a Chantorium

Don’t forget to dance!

(Gwlad a Chantorium =”Land and Singers”)


Cymru fy nyddig

Landscapes for merry muses

Language of minstrels

(Cymru fy nyddig = Cambria, of mountains)


Haiku inspired by my finding an old box of family letters written during World War II

Winter Forty Five

Grandson fighting in The Bulge

Snowing in Cardiff


Battalion Half-Tracks

Rushing soldiers to the front

Engines full throttle


Five Hundred Mile Race

Across France to Margarotte

Fifty-Fifth A.I.B.

(A.I.B.= Armored Infantry Division. 55th A.I.B. was a battalion of the

11th Armored Division, Patton’s 3rd Army in the Battle of the Bulge)


Baptism of Fire

Buddies who never came home

Old Man’s memories.


Cemetery Crosses

A familiar name is found

“Hell of a Good Guy!”


Haiku inspired by the centenary of World War I

Royal Welch Fusiliers

Fighting in the Mametz Wood

In Parenthesis


The Great War Poet

Shell shocked and home at last

Never left the trenches


David Jones, Great War Poet and Royal Welch Fusilier at Mametz Woods


A Welsh Red Dragon

Tearing at barbed wire

In Memoriam


Westminster Vigil

Changing of the Royal Guard

Grave of the Unknown


Sixteen Great War Poets

Immortal Poets Corner

Westminster Abbey


100 Years recall

Battle of the ghastly Somme

Uncle Herbert’s Grave


Jim Mockford at grave of great uncle Herbert Mockford at Combles Communal Cemetery in The Somme.



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