I enjoy travel, maritime history, and nautical adventures so I selected a photo of Ahu Tongariki at Easter Island that I took in 2005 while on a “vacation” as a cruise ship lecturer in the South Pacific. I did not start a WordPress Blog until after that trip but I did upload a summary on a web site called “World is Round” that is no longer live and I migrated some of the photos from that web site to this blog as well as imported from another “Explorabloggin” site I started on “Blogger” and decided that WordPress works better for me.

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  1. Dear Mr. JIm Mockford, My name is Milan Mamusich and I am the grandson of Hungarian General István (Stephen) Mamusich. My father György (George) Mamusich as a kid lived in the Metten Abbey in Germany, which you so well describe in your essay titled:”Return to the Thunderbolt Trail” about your father PFC Roger Mockford.


    Please see the following Spanish language site with original US Army Documents on my grandfather and father that irrefutably prove the case: Please look for numbers 164 and 167 in the text at:


    Dad thinks that George Patton might have had his departure feast in the Metten Abbey. I really would like to talk to you and give a surprise to dad.

    Thank you: Milan Mamusich from Budapest, Hungary

    Please see my contacts at

    • mockford says:

      This is a very interesting story but my father did not go to Metten Abbey in 1945 because he was injured in western Germany and sent to a hospital. When we visited Metten Abbey in 2011 with other veterans some of them may have been there in 1945. It is a beautiful place. As far as the Patton dinner story goes I have sent your contact information to another historian who may have some knowledge about that and perhaps they will contact you. Regarding the links in your email I have no comment because it is outside my area of experience or familiarity. Good luck on your research about your grandfather Hungarian General István (Stephen) Mamusich.

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