This blog follows our footsteps of a father and son summer adventure in Japan from Tokyo to Tohoku and further north to Hokkaido in 2012 with flashbacks to previous Japan trips going back to 1971. And, more recent trips in 2015 and 2019 have been added.

2 Responses to Japan

  1. Joyce Decker Wegner says:

    Jim, I would like to see this as I have done similar trips with Garry and my grandsons (distant descendants of MacDonald) tracking MacDonald and have written our stories up. I need to learn how to post my work on-line. The boys know how, but are so busy with their college lives, they haven’t been able to teach me yet. Cameron teaches art and is the director at Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, Montana (father of our great-grandson Mopetkwi “Flowing Waters” Susep “Joseph” Decker, MoJo’s mother is Salish and studying linguistics to teach Salish. Aspen was the first graduate of Nkusm, a full Salish immersion school. Quinton is finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and will be going on for his master’s. My work on MacDonald is a gift for them and the many students I have had. Most of all I want these 30 years of work to be available to all, students and teachers — especially my family and students of mixed blood here in Montana and the Flathead Reservation where I taught for so long.
    Joyce Decker Wegner

    • mockford says:

      Hi Joyce, I was replying to your comment about how we met at the Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival in 2006 and I think the comment inadvertently disappeared! Anyway it was good to see you in Astoria this year and thank you for updating me on your adventures with your grandsons!

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