Pacific Northwest

I am a Pacific Northwesterner by birth (Oregon) and by residence in both Oregon and Washington for most of my life. My undergraduate studies were at University of Oregon (and a year at Waseda Univeristy in Tokyo) and I did graduate studies at University of Washington in the China Regional Studies program before it became part of the Henry M Jackson School of International Studies. I have lived in Portland and Eugene, Oregon and Seattle and Vancouver, Washington and I enjoy travels to all parts of both states and Canada. This blog will be about adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

1 Response to Pacific Northwest

  1. Joyce Decker Wegner says:

    Jim, I am so enjoying your website. While working on my materials after the FOM Meeting in Astoria, I found where we met you and your wife> You were presenting “Avast, Ahoy, and Ohayoo: Early Adventures in Japan-U.S. Relations” at Seattle Cherry Blossom and Japanese Cultural Festival April 2006. After your presentation you and your wife and Garry and I joined for fascinating discussion after the presentation. It was so good to see you in Astoria. We have so much in common to share. Please let’s stay in contact. Sincerely, Joyce Decker Wegner I have so many MacDonald teaching materials gathered and lessons written I would like to make available on-line/electronically.

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