This is a blog of our visits to Europe including a two week trip to England in 2015, travels to Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Paris in 2013 and a trip to Germany, Austria and Czech Republic in 2011. I will continue to update this blog with photos and stories at

How things have changed since my first visit to Europe in 1977 for a couple of months touring in post college student style via Eurail Pass and Youth Hostels. In 2011 Cheryl and I accompanied my father on a red carpet WWII Veterans Tour with 4 veterans of Patton’s Third Army, a Holocaust Survivor, and retired General Stanley Eric Reinhart Jr. whose father had been Military Governor of Austria at the end of the war.  It was a remarkable experience and we met a dozen Mayors and other digitaries in Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic as we toured the places liberated by Patton’s Third Army in 1945 culminating in the annual memorial event held at Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Austria. I wrote a story of the trip that is online at the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge web site at

Our 2103 travels included visits with relatives in Slovenia and old friends living in Serbia in fine style while working at the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade. We accompanied them on vacation to beautiful Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor where we enjoyed boutique hotels in scenic locations and rented Skoda motorcars for a drive to Dubrovnik, Croatia among other adventures.  Paris provided our last taste of champagne and deserts in Europe while the Eiffel Tower’s lights twinkled at midnight.

In 2015 we visited English relatives and had a wonderful two weeks in Merry Olde England visiting Canterbury Cathedral and several small scenic towns in Kent and the major sights of London as well as some lesser known hidden treasures where my search into family roots uncovered many connections to Anglo-American history and my English ancestry and cultural heritage.


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